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Hi! My name is Charles Timko, and this is my blog where I talk about my hobbies or anything else that might be top of mind, you could say it's a bit chaotic. I dabble in a little bit of everything, but notably, woodworking. I am a security professional and hold a number of certifications to backup that claim.

Unless expressed otherwise, the contents of this blog reflect my own views/opinions and don't necessarily express the views/opinions of the individuals and organizations of which I may be affiliated.

What's in a name

'pop %ebp' comes from an Intel x86 instruction that is common to every 32-bit application. It is essentially the last instruction given to the CPU before returning to the re-entry address in the calling function. If a hacker has managed to change the values on the memory stack, you could say this instruction is the beginning of the chaos that will ensue.